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Apart from producing its own annual season, 3Ps serves as the umbrella organization for many other student performing arts groups. And here they are!


Torn Ticket II

Torn Ticket II is Tufts’ student-run musical theatre organization. Like 3Ps, they put up one major production per semester and up to two minor productions. Recent productions have included She Loves Me, Into the Woods, and Next to Normal. It’s easy to get involved and become a voting member, and they love to see new faces! They meet weekly at 5pm on Sunday evenings in room 203 of the Meyer campus center – all are welcome! Contact them at or contact the president, Claire Mieher, at

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Bare Bodkin

The Bare Bodkin Theatre Company is dedicated to providing an outlet for student playwrights and directors to produce their original work and/or experimental works. Through student-led workshops to the 10-minute play festival Play by Play to poetry events to the spring major slot, Bare Bodkin increases Tufts’ access to new and exciting pieces of theatre in inventive spaces. Bare Bodkin is ready to provide a forum for all new playwrights and directors looking to go beyond existing or conventional theatre. Contact them at!

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Cheap Sox

Cheap Sox is Tufts University’s pinkest, oldest, and (self-named) most attractive improvisational comedy troupe on campus. The mission of Cheap Sox is simple: to serve the people with laughs. Our main strategies to accomplish this godsend of a task include short form, long form, mixed form, and even musical improvisation. Our not main strategies include spontaneous freestyling, misspellings, and breath-holding. We execute all these functions and more on Tufts campus and beyond with shows throughout the academic year. For information on auditions or upcoming shows like us on Facebook, send us an email ( or give us a call once in a while. You never call us anymore. We just want to make sure you’re getting your proper daily dose of pink!

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Founded in the spring of 1998, HYPE! is America’s only award winning collegiate mime troupe based at Tufts University. We write, direct and perform original mime skits set to contemporary music. We have two end-of-semester shows each year, and we also perform at other smaller events on and off campus. HYPE combines cool mime techniques and theatrical staging to (silently) tell stories of all kinds. The genre of our skits ranges from comedy to scary to heartwarming to bizarre to sad, and everything else in between. If you would like to find out more, check out our YouTube channel “Hype Mimez”! Contact or Connor Hager at

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The Institute

The Institute Sketch Comedy was birthed in 2006, but this bundle of joy has come a long way since then. With an incredible team of writers, a brilliant cast, and the best filmmakers at Tufts, the dazzlingly creative and stunningly humble ‘Tute produces three shows every semester. The group also frequently performs at the National College Comedy Festival, has written and performed in four original musicals, and has even sent two members to the moon! Auditions (writing/acting/filmmaking) will be held at the beginning of the year. For audition info and updates on our shows, like our Facebook page, or check us out on YouTube. Contact Tute resident Lily at for more information! Come laugh with us!

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Major: Undecided

Major: Undecided is Tufts’ oldest sketch comedy troupe. Since 2004, the student-run group writes, acts in and produces two on-campus shows per semester and has performed in comedy festivals throughout New England, including winning Boston University’s Funderdome sketch comedy competition. Follow us on Twitter @majorundecided!

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Traveling Treasure Trunk

Founded in the fall of 1987, Tufts University’s Traveling Treasure Trunk has always been a unique blend of theatre performance and community service. We are Tufts’ only children’s theatre troupe, and each semester, members of Trunk write or adapt, direct, costume, and produce their own plays (in addition to an ever-growing line up of skits and songs) to be performed at Boston-area schools, hospitals, libraries, and day-care centers. Performances are free of charge, though donations are happily accepted and given to a local child-oriented charity, chosen at the start of each year. The troupe holds auditions at the start of the Fall and Spring semesters and also puts on an on-campus show just before Tufts lets out for the Winter and Summer breaks. Contact them at

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Founded in 1977, TUTV is Tufts’ premier student-run filmmaking organization. From our studio in Curtis Hall, our community of filmmakers, actors, and film enthusiasts produces a wide variety of video content for publication on our YouTube page. At our weekly meetings, we work to develop our ideas into fully-realized music videos, short films, web series, and news shows. Check us out at and email to get involved!

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Lord Barnum’s Players

Lord Barnum’s Players writes original adaptations of Shakespeare’s greatest works, and performs them for elementary and middle schoolers all across greater Boston, as well as at one On-Campus show each semester. Members play multiple roles in productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Julius Caesar. Through a collaboration with the Boston Shakespeare Project, many members also teach Shakespeare classes once per week fellows at local school . Auditions are held at the beginning of every semester. Contact Amanda Rose at for details about auditions or the group.

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Black Theater Troupe

Tufts’ Black Theater Troupe, 3P’s newest umbrella group, is dedicated to celebrating, supporting, promoting art by Black artists on campus and around the greater Boston area. The collective is working with the Africana Center and Tufts Drama department to introduce new stories through theater, film, television, etc. by sponsoring staged readings, bringing in guest artists, and holding discussions on the art scene at Tufts and in the professional world. If you or anyone you know is interested in being apart of this new group, please reach out to us at And make sure to check us out on Facebook!

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