Current Season

The Tempest *(Spring Workshop ’20) by William Shakespeare, directed by Paige Walker ’21 and Tim Stanford ’21

Some Common Fate *(Co-sponsorship with UTF) by Elisa Sturkie ’20 and Mandy Rosengren ’20, directed by Abi Steinberg ’22

Sweeney Todd *(Co-sponsorship with TTII) by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler, directed by Jess Pearson 

The Wolves *(Spring Workshop ’20) by Sarah DeLappe, directed by Caitlin M. ’22

Red Noses (Fall Mainstage ’19) by Peter Barnes, directed by Katie Rooney ’21

24-Hour Play Festival (Fall Workshop ’19) coordinated by Katie Rooney ’21

The Realistic Joneses (Orientation Show ’19) by Will Eno, directed by Megan Rivkin ’20

Past Seasons

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (Spring Mainstage ’19) by Anne Washburn, directed by Jonah Greene ’20

Romeo & Juliet (Spring Workshop ’19) by William Shakespeare, directed by Caitlin M. ’22

24-Hour Play Festival (Spring Workshop ’19), coordinated by Katie Rooney ’21

Eurydice (Fall Mainstage ’18) by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Chopper Carter-Schelp ’19 and Rosa Stern Pait ’21

Speech and Debate (Orientation Show ’18) by Stephen Karam, directed by Moira Loh ’20

Red (Spring Mainstage ’18) by John Logan, directed by Phoebe Cavise ’18

3Ps Umbrella Group Showcase (Spring Workshop ’18)

The Hungry Woman (Fall Mainstage ’17) by Cherríe Moraga, directed by Reza Mirsajadi

30 Plays in 60 Minutes (Fall Workshop ’17) devised, directed by Megan Rivkin ’20 & Moira Loh ’20

Bootycandy (Fall Workshop ’17) by Robert O’Hara, directed by James Williamson ’18

Stop Kiss (Orientation Show ’17) by Diana Son, directed by Dan Ciba

Melancholy Play (Spring Mainstage ’17) by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Ethan Whitman ’19

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (Spring Workshop ’17) by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield, directed by James Davis

Gnit (Fall Mainstage ’16) by Will Eno, directed by Peter Secrest ’17

This is Our Youth (Fall Workshop ’16) by Kenneth Lonergan, directed by Chopper Carter-Schelp ’19

Circle Mirror Transformation (Fall Workshop ’16) by Annie Baker, directed by James Davis

Gruesome Playground Injuries (Orientation Show ’16) by Rajiv Joseph, directed by Kevin Lombard ’18

After the Revolution (Spring Mainstage ’16) by Amy Herzog, directed by Blair Nodelman ’17

Reborning (Spring Workshop ’16) by Zayd Dohrn, directed by Phoebe Cavise ’18

30 Plays in 60 Minutes (Spring Workshop ’16) devised, directed by Artoun Festekjian ’16

Defying Gravity (Fall Mainstage ’15) by Jane Anderson, directed by Emma Wold ’16

Pterodactyls (Fall Workshop ’15) by Nicky Silver, directed by Sarah Wolfson ’18

Eleemosynary (Fall Workshop ’15) by Lee Blessing, directed by Imogen Browder ’16

The Few (Orientation Show ’15) by Samuel D. Hunter, directed by Kellyn Henthorn ’16

At the Vanishing Point (Spring Mainstage ’15) by Naomi Iizuka, directed by Evey Reidy ’16

She Kills Monsters (Spring Workshop ’15) by Qui Nguyen

The Children’s Hour (Fall Mainstage ’14) by Lillian Helman, directed by Shelby Carpenter

We Don’t Have Enough Beans to Last the Winter: 30 Plays in 60 Minutes (Fall Workshop ’14) devised, directed by Emma Wold ’16

boom (Orientation Show ’14) by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, directed by Emma Wold ’16

How I Learned to Drive (Spring Mainstage ’14) by Paula Vogel, directed by Hannah Deegan ’15

Katabasis (Spring Workshop ’14) by Kellyn Henthorn ’16, directed by Tori Otten ’16

The 39 Steps (Spring Workshop ’14) by Patrick Barlow, directed by Natalie Girshman ’16

Eurydice  (Fall Mainstage ’13) by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Cole von Glahn ’14

A Night in Theatre (Fall Workshop ’13) by Lawrence Casler, directed by Max Greenhouse

All in the Timing (Orientation Show ’13) by David Ives, directed by Tori Otten ’16

* – production cancelled following Tufts’ closure due to COVID-19