Founded in 1910 (making us the oldest student organization on campus), 3Ps produces student-run performances of all sorts and kinds.

Each Semester, 3Ps stages one major production and two workshop productions. In addition, 3Ps stages an orientation show every September. Students control every aspect of all 3Ps shows, so there are many opportunities to act, direct, design, stage manage, and produce through the organization.

Apart from producing its own annual season, 3Ps serves as the umbrella organization for many other student performing arts groups. Groups under the 3Ps umbrella include Torn Ticket II (Tufts' musical theatre organization), Bare Bodkin (student-written and experimental theatre), HYPE! (a mime troupe), Traveling Treasure Trunk (a children's theatre company), TUTV (a film production group), Lord Barnum's Players (an educational performance group affiliated with the Boston Shakespeare Project) comedy and improv groups such as Major: Undecided, the Institute, and Cheap Sox, and dance ensembles such as Sarabande and Tap Ensemble.

Meetings are held at the Balch Arena Theatre in the Aidekman Center for the Arts on Mondays during open block (at noon). Also, check the call board in the lobby of Aidekman for audition information and more. We encourage and welcome everyone to get involved regardless of major, and we hope to see you soon!


What do the 3Ps stand for?

The 3Ps stand for Pen, Paint and Pretzels. In 1910 when the organization was formed, pretzels were commonly served as refreshment at the theatre (like popcorn at movies today). Thus, "Pen" is for the craft of writing/directing/creating, "Paint" is for design/production, and "Pretzels" is for the audience-engaging quality of theatre.

What is the difference between 3Ps, Torn Ticket II, Bare Bodkin, and Department Shows?

3Ps stages plays, typically by published playwrights. Torn Ticket II produces musicals. Bare Bodkin is student written work or shows that are experimental in some other way. All three of these organizations are student run entirely extracurricularly. The department shows are done for course credit and are directed and designed by professors and professionals.

Does 3Ps host any events besides productions?

Yes! Each year we host a Holiday Party in December and a Spaghetti Night in May. These events are open to anyone involved in any aspect of 3Ps and are a way to celebrate the end of each semester. Both are formal events and take place in the Arena. Additionally, 3Ps hosts many parties, gatherings, and bonding activities throughout the year!

How do you decide which shows to do?

The membership of the 3Ps is responsible for voting on ALL productions. At the beginning of every semester directors propose their production ideas to the membership at our weekly meeting. We then discuss each show and vote.

About the Board


Becca MacLean, A’17 – President

Hi friends! My name is Becca MacLean and I am sToKeD to be 3Ps President this year. I study IR, Arabic, and Education. I'm involved in student theatre, FOCUS pre-orientation, Big Sister mentorship program, and some monologue projects around campus. I'm also a total tea addict so come grab a hot beverage with me any time and be my friend!!!

How are you involved in the 3Ps world?
I've had the awesome opportunity to act for 3Ps, Torn Ticket II, and TUTV.

What got you hooked on theater?
I've been dramatic since birth so it's hard to say whether it was my starring role as Orphan in a childhood production of Annie where I wet my pants on stage out of fright (I was 5) or fulfilling my middle school fantasies of being mean to my hot popular bullies by being Rizzo in Grease.

What is your hidden theater talent?
Not to brag, but I'm kind of queen of the stage fight. I've slayed a few wolves and been clubbed and dragged more times than I can count.

If you could put on a show anywhere on the Tufts campus (besides a theater) where would it be?
I have quite the artistic vision for a drag version of Chicago's Cell Block Tango in the stacks of Tisch Library.


Mitchell Katz, A’17 – Director of Production

Hey friends! My name is Mitchell Katz, I’m a senior (ew) from Seattle double majoring in Computer Science and Drama and I’m SO excited to be back on the 3Ps board as the Director of Production! When I’m not in Balch (which is approximately never) I’m also a TA for a Comp Sci class. WELCOME TO TUFTS, CLASS OF 2020!

How are you involved in the 3Ps World?
I stage manage and design lights and sound. Want to get involved with tech in any aspect? TALK TO ME!!! We’re always looking for more non-actor/directors and it’s super easy to get involved! No experience necessary to get on a production staff.

What got you hooked on theater?
My parents have some wonderful pictures of me in kindergarten as a rhino trying to convince a caterpillar to leave its cocoon. It was a world premiere written by the class. I acted (poorly) all throughout high school and switched to tech at Tufts where I realized I liked it more and am much better at stage management than I am at singing.

What is your hidden theater talent?
When I still acted (lol) in high school, I played Bobby in Crazy For You and learned to tap dance for the role! I can still do a time step and a bit of the routine.

If you could put on a show anywhere on the Tufts campus (besides a theater) where would it be?
Dewick during open block, it’s basically dinner theatre with the biggest crowd you could get at Tufts

Bio 1

Amanda Rose, A’19 – Secretary

Hello there! My name is Amanda Rose, I'm from Sudbury MA, and I have the honor of being 3Ps' Secretary this year. I'm potentially majoring in a few things right now (Political Science? Film and Media Studies? Drama? who knows!) but most definitely minoring in Dance and Sleep Deprivation. When I'm not composing emails or compiling minutes for our lovely theater community, you can find me onstage, on camera, or in the dance studios. I also work at the drama and dance box office and the tech shop. Looking forward to a wonderful year of art and smiles with all of you!

How are you involved in the 3Ps world?
I am an actor mostly, who occasionally dabbles in the world of hair and makeup design. I am also a member of Lord Barnum's Players, a group of Shakespearians who perform fun and accessible adaptations for local schools.

What got you hooked on theater?
I was a dancer first, and in middle school I would show off my dance skills in auditions to get cast in the ensembles of our shows. Once there, I would try to learn as much about singing and acting as I could from my fellow cast-mates, and I eventually felt confident enough in all three to consider myself a theater person! Now I can't escape them (but I wouldn't have it any other way!).

What is your hidden theater talent?
I can go an entire day speaking only in song lyrics. Don't believe me? Just watch (or, like, listen).

If you could put on a show anywhere on the Tufts Campus, where would it be?
Tisch Roof on a starry night (without precipitation please and thank you)


Ana Antolin, A’18 – Treasurer

Hi! My name is Ana Antolin and I am so excited to be embezzling from 3Ps this year! I am a junior studying International Relations and Quantitative Economics. I also work as a research assistant for one of my economic professors and in the Tufts costume shop. I am an avid knitter but my current obsessions are matcha tea, Appalachian murder ballads, and mutton-busting.

How are you involved in the 3Ps world?
I am one of the resident costume ladies! I have designed 4 shows at Tufts, costume teched 2, and I work in the costume shop.

What got you hooked on theatre?
The summer after my freshman year of high school I taught myself how to sew. My school's costume department needed a sewer and so I was roped in. I then met all of my best friends while working late on shows and sharing design ideas. I came for the sewing and I stayed for the creativity and community.

What is your theatre hidden talent?
My acting debut was in a middle school double feature where I first played King Duncan in a musical parody of Macbeth and then a mermaid named Yoko (who only spoke in haikus) in a student written musical based on Beatles songs.

If you could put on a show anywhere on Tufts campus (besides a theatre) where would it be?
Goddard because suck it acapella.


Blair Nodelman, A’17 – Director of Programming

Hello friends! My name is Blair Nodelman and I’m a senior majoring in Drama and American Studies, hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico (yes, I have met Bryan Cranston). I’m on a constant rotation between Balch, the Hanger, and Aidekman 75, usually with coffee in hand and disheveled hair. Despite my crazed appearance, please come talk to me about Tufts theatre and 3Ps! I promise I’m friendly.

How are you involved in the 3Ps World?
I was in the freshmen year show way back in 2013 (#LMAT) and from there, I fell in love with the 3Ps community. I’ve acted, directed, and produced for 3Ps, Torn Ticket II, Bare Bodkin, and the Department. I’m also in HYPE! Mimez, the only collegiate mime troupe in the country and have worked with TUTV, both as a director and actor.

What got you hooked on theatre?
When I was in seventh grade, I was cast as a power spirit in Urinetown: The Musical. It was a modern dance part that was made up for the production that gave Cladwell his power and ate Hope at the end. I sported three fingered gloves and a swim cap as my costume. It was truly my dream role. Since then, I have been trying to recreate the dream by constantly working on some sort of show and dedicating my life to theatre.

What is your hidden theatre talent?
During a ten-hour tech rehearsal, I skipped our dinner break to write an entire six-page paper that I turned in on time. I’m not sure if that’s talent or desperation, but how different are those anyway?

If you could put on a show anywhere on the Tufts campus (besides a theater) where would it be?
A midnight murder mystery in the Dowling Parking Garage and each level has different clues that you have to find to solve the murder, complete with disorientating lights and loud, spooky noises echoing throughout the whole garage.


Abby Schmidt, A‘19 – Media Archivist

Hi y'all! My name is Abby Schmidt, and I'm a sophomore from Austin, Texas! I'm majoring in Music and Film & Media Studies. When I'm not rehearsing in Aidekman, I'm right next door in Granoff singing with the Tufts Opera Ensemble! I'm so excited to be your 2016-17 Media Archivist--get ready for a fun year!

How are you involved in the 3Ps World?
I'm mostly an actor; I was in both of the 3Ps majors my freshman year, and I'm a member of Lord Barnum's Players, an umbrella group that works to bring Shakespeare to local schools. But I also work on production and editing for TUTV, and I'm dipping my toes in producing next year for the 3Ps orientation show!

What got you hooked on theater?
When I was little I went to a theatre summer camp, where we did The Wizard of Oz. Except they forgot about me when making the cast list, so they hastily scribbled me in as Toto. And I'm happy they did, because it was probably the best role I've ever had: lots of stage time, no lines to memorize, and tons of opportunity for comedy with strategically placed barks. Once I put on the dog ears, there was no going back.

What is your hidden theater talent?
Gracefully recovering after I trip and fall onstage. I'm very clumsy, so it's something I've developed through years of practice.

If you could put on a show anywhere on the Tufts campus (besides a theater) where would it be?
I'm gonna agree with Mitchell and say Dewick. Specifically, a low-budget but high-excitement production that involves a lot of dancing on tables.

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