We are Tufts’ student theatre and performance umbrella group, as well as the oldest student organization on campus!

Our Meetings

We meet every Monday during open block (12 pm) in the Balch Arena Theatre in the Aidekman Arts Center.

Auditions are held at several points during the semester – check out the call board in Aidekman Arts Center (across from the entrance to Balch Arena Theater) for more information. Auditions are open to everyone, regardless of your experience and major!

We’re always looking for talented designers, technicians, producers, and stage managers. Whether you have experience or just interest, there’s always a place on a production staff for you. Just ask anyone and they can point you to our production manager!

Visit our Get Involved page for more information, or email us at 3psboard@gmail.com!

The 3Ps Play Database is a space to share plays you love and find new scripts to read! This is not only to suggest shows that 3Ps could possibly put on–anyone is encouraged to add their favorite plays, regardless of feasibility.

Joke Awards

Can’t wait for Spaghetti Night? We totally get it because we can’t wait either. The party may be at the end of the year but you can start in on the fun now by submitting a joke award for someone!

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